How To Integrate Dialogflow With Support?

March 19, 2021
  1. Go to : Settings -> Link Accounts
  2. Click : Dialogflow ON/OFF button
  3. Follow the steps :
  4. Login to Dialogflow console.
  5. COPY the Dialogflow project inside the URL (between agent/ and /intents) 
  6. Create service account key - https://console.cloud.google.com/apis/credentials/serviceaccountkey
    1. If you don't have a project, it will ask you to create a project 
    2. Create a project name 
    3. PASTE the Project ID from Dialogflow console and give -> Owner role, and Dialogflow API Admin role.
    4. Keep JSON as Key type and create 
  7. Add the key into PlatformCore
  8. Select the language accordingly
  9. Next button
  10. Add a picture of your bot
  11. Enable or not the automatic handoff
  12. Give a name to your Bot
  13. Save & Proceed 
Full Process:
Dialogflow Integration Full Process